Residents Enjoy Fair Day Fun

Residents at The Village at Marymount enjoyed the annual Fair Day celebration on Aug. 8. The fun included an exotic animals show, hula dancers and a performance of “Dancing Queen” by the Marymount Place Stars. Special thank you to Donna Galbraith, Director of Life Enrichment, her outstanding team, and our tireless volunteers for making the day an enjoyable and memorable one. Photos by Liz Pencak.

Second Matriarch Muscle Machine Mania Car Show A Success!

Mary Liotta, left, and Jim Waple enjoy the car show.

The Village at Marymount’s Take 2: Matriarch Muscle Machine Mania Car Show was another success with more than 110 exhibitors proudly displaying an array of classic cars, muscle cars, and trucks.

The big winner of the day was Barb Oravec, who works in The Village at Marymount’s Admissions Office, who won the top prize of a tropical Apple Vacation valued at $3,500. Dave Adams won the $200 Giant Eagle gift card and Steve Frangos took home the 50-inch color TV. Watch our website and Facebook page (The Village at Marymount) for details on our third Matriarch Muscle Machine Mania Car Show next year.


HOPE Program Focuses On Exceptional Customer Service

The Village at Marymount launched a new customer service program with the goal to create an exceptional customer service culture throughout the facility.

The HOPE committee, which has representation from each department, came up with the HOPE acronym. The acronym has an external customer message (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) and an internal customer message (Hospitality Ownership Proactivity and Engagement).

Liz Pencak, Director of Marketing and Clinical Liaison, is a committee member and one of the training session presenters. She said the program’s goal is to provide clarity of customer service expectations, re-enforce campus trust, and provide the tools necessary to meet customer service expectations.

“We want the program to create positive memorable moments for residents and staff alike,” Pencak said. “We are all an important part of this team. We all play a key role in driving the behaviors necessary to deliver a world-class customer service culture.”

Let Us Help You Treat TMJ, Headaches

A Q&A With Sarah Mathis

Sarah Mathis is The Village at Marymount’s Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation. Sarah is one of the few physical therapists in Northeast Ohio who is skilled in manual therapy and specializes in the treatment of headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders; cervical dysfunctions; and lumbo-sacral dysfunctions. You can contact her at (216) 332-1787 or via email:

Q: What is TMJ and how does someone recognize the symptoms of this disorder?

Sarah: TMJ disorders occur because of problems with the jaw, jaw joint (or TMJ) and surrounding facial muscles. Those with TMJ may experience pain or tenderness in the face, jaw joint area, neck, and shoulders. They may also have a limited ability to fully open their mouth, may hear a clicking or popping sound in the jaw joint and/or may have difficulty chewing.

Q: What causes TMJ?

Sarah: The cause is not clear, but dentists believe that symptoms arise from problems with the muscles of the jaw or with the parts of the joint itself. Some possible causes include:

  • Grinding or clenching the teeth, which puts a lot of pressure on the TMJ
  • Dislocation of the soft cushion or disc between the ball and socket
  • Presence of osteoarthritis in the TMJ
  • Stress, which can cause a person to tighten facial and jaw muscles or clench the teeth

Q: What type of TMJ treatment options do you provide on an outpatient basis at The Village at Marymount?

Sarah: We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your TMJ, neck, thoracic spine, and shoulder area to determine the structures causing TMJ symptoms. Based on our findings, we will implement a plan to treat your underlying bio-mechanical problems. Not all physical therapists are experienced in treating TMJ, so you need to search for the right practitioner. Start with your dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon — they can refer you to our outpatient therapy program at The Village at Marymount. When you have your appointment, don’t be surprised if your physical therapist puts on exam gloves and feels your jaw muscles and joints from inside your mouth — that is often part of a thorough TMJ evaluation.

Q: Are your therapy services covered by insurance?

Sarah: As with other forms of physical, our program is usually covered through the patient’s medical insurance, helping to ease the financial burden they may face should they opt for out-of-pocket treatment from a dental specialist.



Celebration of Life Gala Set For Sept. 14

The Village at Marymount will host its ninth Celebration of Life Gala from 6 to 11 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2018 at Embassy Suites, 5800 Rockside Woods Blvd N in Independence.

“We are so pleased to be returning to the Embassy for this year’s gala,” said Sue Nall, The Village at Marymount’s executive director. “Our guests seem to enjoy this venue and we’re looking forward to another fun event.”

The gala again will feature exciting vacation destinations and unique experiences as part of the live auction. The silent auction highlights items from Cleveland’s sports, dining, travel, and entertainment scenes.

More details regarding sponsorships, tickets, donations, and advertising opportunities will be announced in the coming weeks, Nall said.

Three Speakers Remain In Our Popular Series

Back by popular demand, The Village at Marymount announces its Speakers Series 2018 schedule of topics.

“Knowledege is power,” said Liz Pencak, The Village at Marymount’s Director of Marketing & Clinical Liaison. “We cordially invite everyone to attend our Dinner and Education Speakers Series. Each evening will begin with a lovely sit-down dinner, followed by an inspirational and educational program. The evening concludes with a question-and-answer session.”

Pencak said six speakers will present on a variety of topics during the next year. Speakers and topics include:

What’s on Your Financial Bucket List?

6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, August 23

Presenter: Laurie G. Steiner, Esquire

Solomon, Steiner & Peck Ltd

Host of Golden Opportunities (WKYC-TV Channel 3)

The Disease of Addiction: Taking a Closer Look at Opiates

6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, September 20

Presenter: Kelsey Loushin, LICDC-CS, CDP

President, Eldercare Professionals of Ohio LLC

Navigating the Medicare Maze

6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 18

Presenter: Ms. Kathy Hirko, President of The KAZ Company

Reservations are required for these sessions and can be made by calling Pencak at 216-332-1396.